kampung with mount santubong

How Did this Come About?

Back in April/May 2017 myself and my family moved to Kuching, Malaysia.


Because my wife is a teacher.

She had become disillusioned with the education system in the UK and had started applying for jobs elsewhere in the world.

I will be honest.

When this process started I didn’t expect us to be in Malaysia. It is over 7000 miles from our home in Portland, Dorset. So, as you can imagine that brings a lot of upheaval.

This blog is my attempt to catalogue this journey, make a record of the things we have done, give some insight to the city of Kuching from an outsiders point of view. (Also, it gives me something to do in the mornings as I own a business in the UK so tend to cover UK hours when I can!)

You can check back regularly and try and catch up with our exploits as we really try to live a life in a completely different part of the world and a very different culture. You will get an inside view into the ups and downs, the tantrums, the highs, the experiences and everything else that comes with being an expat.

If you have visited Kuching or are thinking of coming to Borneo then feel free to ask a question or to leave a comment, it will be great to read your thoughts whether you agree with mine or not!